Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards: The Basics

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Learn an approach for identifying your community’s coastal hazard issues, ecosystem services that can reduce hazard impacts, and green infrastructure practices that can provide those services. Develop the beginnings of a community green infrastructure plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Document coastal hazards affecting your community. Explore coastal hazard maps for your location.
  • Identify ecosystem services that mitigate the impacts. Click through a visual and descriptions of the multiple benefits provided by nature.
  • Understand green infrastructure practices that provide essential ecosystem services. Explore the various practices available that provide services and reduce hazard impacts. Document these in the green infrastructure plan provided.
  • Explore how other communities are implementing green infrastructure. Read peer-to-peer case studies.
  • Find additional training to build off your work. Link to NOAA’s virtual and in-person Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards trainings.

Spanish Version

Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza para hacer frente a amenazas costeras: Conceptos básicos


Participant Requirements

Internet connection, ability to download Word or PDF template

Professional Credit

American Institute of Certified Planners – one hour

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