Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Highway Resilience: An Implementation Guide

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This guide is designed to help transportation practitioners understand how and where nature-based and hybrid solutions can be used to improve the resilience of coastal roads and bridges. It summarizes the potential flood-reduction benefits, co-benefits, and site suitability assessments for these strategies. Considerations for engineering and ecological design, permitting, construction, and monitoring and maintenance are also provided. This implementation guide is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s focus on Nature-Based Resilience for Coastal Highways.

This Guide Features

  • Summaries of flood reduction benefits and co-benefits of nature-based approaches
  • Guidance on how to incorporate nature-based solutions into project planning
  • Guidance on conducting site assessments to determine suitability
  • Engineering and ecological design considerations for nature-based solutions
  • Decision support, site characterization tools, performance metrics, case studies, and other resources