Funding and Financing Coastal Resilience

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Use these Digital Coast and partner resources to learn what it takes to fund and finance projects designed to enhance coastal resilience. Topics include funding and financing strategies, how others are approaching this task, and information about the types of economic information that may be needed.

To learn more about the various types of coastal resilience projects, visit this resource, Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards: The Basics, or consider this virtual training - Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards.

Understand the Basics

Learn about the different funding and financing strategies

  • Digital Coast Training – Quick Reference

    Funding and Financing: Options and Considerations for Coastal Resilience Projects

    This handout introduces the types of funding and financing options you can consider for your project.

  • Digital Coast Training – Recorded Webinar

    Funding and Financing Coastal Resilience: The Basics

    Learn about the options from the experts. This is the first training in a series and provides the foundation for future trainings on this topic. Hear project examples and helpful lessons learned.

  • Partner Resource

    Ready-to-Fund Resilience Toolkit

    The goal of this guide, designed for people in local government and their partners, is to help people design projects more likely to get funding. The information shows different ways to make projects better. The techniques include updating policies, working with other organizations, using new ways to track funds, and changing internal operations.

Learn from Others

Access case studies and past webinars focused on a variety of funding and financing approaches

Dig Deeper

Economic information and considerations for supporting various funding and financing approaches

  • Digital Coast Training – Quick Reference

    Nature-Based Solutions: Benefits, Costs, and Economic Assessments

    This bundle of resources provides information on the multiple benefits of various nature-based approaches; helps you estimate implementation and maintenance costs; and provides the basics needed to tell your community’s story in economic terms.

  • Digital Coast Training – Quick Reference

    Economic Approaches for Decision-Making

    Explaining your project’s impact in dollars and cents can help build support and provide justification for funding and financing options. Some federal programs, for instance, require cost-benefit analyses as part of their application process.

  • Digital Coast Training – Interactive Module

    Green Infrastructure Effectiveness Database

    This searchable database provides literature on various nature-based projects and their outcomes, including the economic data used to estimate project costs and benefits.

Explore Options

Resources focused on funding approaches for nature-based projects

  • Partner Resource

    Nature-based Solutions Funding Database

    National Wildlife Federation’s interactive database for communities interested in pursuing federal funding or technical assistance for nature-based solutions.

  • Partner Resource

    Water Finance Clearinghouse

    The U.S Environmental Protection Agency provides two searchable databases for communities needing information for water infrastructure projects. One database contains available funding sources, and the other contains reports, websites, and training on financing mechanisms and approaches.

  • Partner Resource

    Nature-Based Solutions Current Issues Webinar Series

    View recorded webinars focused on the following topics: federal cost-benefit analysis policies for evaluating nature-based solutions; insights into various mechanisms used to pay for nature-based solutions; and cost and benefit estimations. The series is organized by the National Ecosystem Services Partnership and the Resilience Roadmap project.

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