Building Risk Communication Skills

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Many communities struggle with how to prepare for hazards. It can be difficult to talk about vulnerability to hazards, and it can be even more difficult to keep people engaged and motivated to take action. This training provides insights into how and why people respond to risk, and helps participants develop new skills to better connect with a variety of audiences. Understanding and connecting with an audience’s diverse values and concerns can lead to a higher level of community engagement and can help motivate action to reduce risk. Please note that this training focuses on improving risk communication skills for coastal hazards planning and preparedness, not crisis communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize differing values, and identify how and why people perceive and respond to risks the way they do
  • Apply social science and risk communication principles when faced with challenging questions
  • Respond to difficult questions with more confidence
  • Develop an effective risk communication strategy that incorporates relevant and proven principles


Professional Credit

American Institute of Certified Planners – seven hours

Association of Floodplain Managers – seven hours

Additional risk communication resources

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Building Risk Communication Skills
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