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Hurricane Costs

$190 billion Harvey

It is estimated the Hurricane Harvey will be the costliest weather disaster in U.S. history so far, at approximately $190 billion—or one full percentage point of the nation’s gross domestic product.*

Vulnerable top 5
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In terms of insured U.S. coastal properties vulnerable to hurricanes, New York ranks number one with $2.92 trillion, followed by Florida ($2.86 trillion), Texas ($1.17 trillion), Massachusetts ($849 billion), and New Jersey ($713 billion).

$41 billion Katrina

Katrina, in 2005, was the nation’s most expensive hurricane. Insured losses were calculated to be $41 billion. The second and third most expensive were Andrew (1992, $15 billion) and Sandy (2012, $18 billion).

Hundreds of Billions

The damage estimate from Irma is about $100 billion. Together with Harvey, the total is approximately $290 billion, or 1.5 of a percentage point of the gross domestic product.*

Flood Payouts

In flood insurance payouts, Katrina (2005) led the way with 167,985. This amounted to $16 billion. The average paid loss was $97,140.

Graphic with pie chart showing catastrophic insured losses from hurricanes from 1986-2015 totaling $515.4 billion in the United States
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Hurricane Sandy

Over a dozen states were impacted by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Sandy caused $18.75 billion in insured property losses, excluding flood insurance claims. Estimates of insured losses for Hurricane Matthew (2016) range from $1.5 billion to $7 billion in the U.S.