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$1.3 Billion

The United States produced $1.3 billion worth of aquaculture seafood in 2014, and the top U.S. marine aquaculture species were oysters ($169 million), clams ($121 million), and Atlantic salmon ($76 million).

608 Million Pounds
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The U.S. aquaculture industry produced 608 million pounds of seafood in 2014, which equates to six percent of the volume of total U.S. production of fishery products.

1.4 Million Jobs

In 2014, the country’s seafood industry supported nearly 1.4 million jobs and generated $153 billion in sales impacts.

14th Place

The United States ranks 14th in the world’s total aquaculture production. A compelling case can be made for growing more seafood domestically; the U.S. imports 90 percent (by value) of its seafood, more than half of which is grown via aquaculture in other countries, and Americans are the industry’s third largest consumer in the world.

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15.5 Pounds per Person

In 2015, the average American ate about 15.5 pounds of fish and shellfish, which was a 0.9-pound increase from 2014.

Final Rule

In January 2016, NOAA published a final rule implementing the nation’s first regulatory program for offshore aquaculture in federal waters. The rule will expand opportunities for marine aquaculture in the open ocean and will help meet the growing demand for sustainable and local seafood.