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American Samoa

American Samoa photograph
Population 60,800 (coastal states summary - PDF)
Total Employment 17,853 People (coral factsheet - PDF)
Climate and Weather Disasters 3 (Affecting American Samoa 2010 to 2018)* (length of shoreline report - PDF)

Coastal management is about maintaining balance in coastal communities. It is a process that takes into consideration many factors, including development, the natural environment, coastal commerce, hazardous weather impacts, aesthetics, quality of life, water quality, erosion, and more.

This page profiles the coastal management organizations, federal and state, operating under the Coastal Zone Management Act and facts and figures about coastal management in American Samoa.

Funding: American Samoa Coastal Management Program

Fast Facts

Ocean Economy thumbnail image

Ocean Economy

American Samoa’s ocean economy employs up to 4,834 people annually—about 40 percent of the territory’s total employment. Annual gross domestic product is about $641 million.

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Leading Employer

Of the four sectors of American Samoa’s ocean economy, living resources is the leading employer, accounting for over 60 percent of ocean economy employment and about 37 percent of total private sector employment. Tourism and recreation accounts for about 20 percent of employment within the ocean economy.

Coastal Hazards thumbnail image

Coastal Hazards

Two weather disasters affected American Samoa in 2018—and a total of ¬¬¬three affected the territory between 2010 and 2018.

Coastal Resources thumbnail image

Coastal Resources

American Samoa’s coral reefs provide over $33 million in protection to buildings and the local economy every year.**

NOAA's Digital Coast provides data, tools, training, and information resources for American Samoa's coastal management community. See how Digital Coast is being used in this state.

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