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Layer: Geologic Oil Type (ID: 1)

Name: Geologic Oil Type

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Type: Feature Layer

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Description: Oil spillage from natural sources is very common in the waters of southern California. Active oil extraction and shipping is occurring concurrently within the region and it is of great interest to resource managers to be able to distinguish between natural seepage and anthropogenic oil spillage. The major goal of this study was to establish the geologic setting, sources, and ultimate dispersal of natural oil seeps in the offshore southern Santa Maria Basin and Santa Barbara Basins. Our surveys focused on likely areas of hydrocarbon seepage that are known to occur between Point Arguello and Ventura, California. The USGS collected and analyzed almost 700 samples from the focus area and, for comparison, from other California sites between 1996 and 2007. Between 2008 and 2010, a total of 106 new oil samples were collected and analyzed for biomarkers: 28 samples from seeps (27 submarine, one from a sea cliff); 47 samples from representative production zones and depths from OCS oil and gas platforms; and 31 samples from random tarballs that were deposited during a storm event in February 2008. This metadata file describes the location of samples used in this study and includes a subset of the attributes from (1) Lorenson and others (2009) Appendix 2-1. Location, classification, and geochemical data for crude oil, seep oil, and tarball samples, and Appendix 3-1 Location, classification, and source/age related geochemical data for crude oil, seep oil, and tarball samples from coastal California, used in the chemometric model with classification of non-model tarballs. and from (2) the current report Table 1. Location, classification, and geochemical data for crude oil, seep oil, and tarball samples. Tribe: A classification of oil samples based on similar geochemical characteristics

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