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Generate KML (MarineCadastre/NavigationAndMarineTransportation)

    Marine Place Names(12)
    Aids to Navigation(0)
    Wrecks and Obstructions(1)
    Principal Ports(2)
    Pilot Boarding Stations(13)
    Unexploded Ordnance Locations(14)
    COLREGS Demarcation Lines(3)
    NOAA Charted Submarine Cables(4)
    North Atlantic Right Whale Seasonal Management Areas(5)
    Regulated Navigation Areas(6)
    Pilot Boarding Areas(7)
    Anchorage Areas(8)
    Danger Zones and Restricted Areas(9)
    Unexploded Ordnance Areas(10)
    Formerly Used Defense Sites (Unexploded Ordnances)(15)
    Ocean Disposal Sites(11)
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